Cruise Ship Packing Tips 101

You’ve waited a long time for this cruise and now it’s finally here!

Time to get packing. Whether you’re a last minute packer or you’re a careful listmaker, it comes down to one thing. There’s only so much stuff you can take on a cruise!

That’s why the cardinal rule of packing is to pack light and efficiently.

Why risk the ire of your traveling companions because you’ve got two huge suitcases that require a crane to get them onboard?

The point is to enjoy the trip, remember?

Just follow these cruise ship packing tips and you’ll be fine.

Simple Packing Tips for Your Cruise

Lay out what you want to take then cut the wardrobe by two-thirds. (Do you really need four frilly blouses?) The point is to pack only the basics.

When you’re packing the basics, remember the three categories of cruise ship dress:

Remember, you don’t have to bring 5 dresses or suits! One or two is fine.

There’s another set of travel basics you want to remember, too:

And what about shoes? Bring flip flops, sandals, and a pair of dress shoes for formal night. Be sure to pack a light sweater for breezy, cool ocean nights, too.

These are all great cruise ship packing tips for the savvy traveler!

If you’re a first-time cruiser, don’t forget to bring your passport or birth certificate.

Cruise ship travel is all about ease and comfort. Don’t worry so much that you’re wearing clothes more than one time. You’ll notice your shipmates are too!

The whole point of an ocean cruise is to get rid of stress, not add to it.  So, don’t worry so much about how much stuff you bring. Just bring the right stuff!

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