Looking for a limousine service in Central New Jersey? With a number of options out there, it’s hard to tell which is the right service for you.

There’s also no standard make or model to choose, but a wide range of different cars which fall under the umbrella term ‘limousine’.

So we’ve pulled together the information you need when making this decision.

Here are the 5 key things you need to look out for when trying to find a professional limousine service.

1. The Limousine Service Suits Your Needs

Limousines are used for a number of different occasions. These events can be very different. For example, a wedding might have a limo. But equally, a funeral might take advantage of a limousine service.

A limo with a bar inside might be great for a night out or a bachelorette party. It almost certainly wouldn’t be appropriate for a funeral.

You might want a privacy division if you’re looking to hire one for a corporate event. Or a TV to impress clients you’re ferrying from the airport to your office using a limo.

There are several other features which may be included in high-end limousines. They even sometimes include additions such as pools, party-sized speakers, and smoke machines.

Do check out the range of limousines available from each service provider. If their limos aren’t suitable for your needs, you’ll need to research another.

2. Make Sure Drivers are Thoroughly Vetted

Most reputable companies will ensure that their staff are thoroughly checked out before they’re allowed to sit behind the wheel.

Ask around and find out about the vetting procedure for each company you’re considering. Ask them about their driver requirements, and how they ensure complete safety for their customers every time.

In New Jersey, limousine drivers must be background checked. If you’re uncertain about a certain firm, ask them to produce records confirming that their drivers have been through this process.

No legitimate company will get annoyed by this request. And no legitimate firm will skimp on the $50 per driver that this check costs. It’s a low payment to ensure customer safety.

So make sure they’re taking it seriously. Report anyone who admits they’re not licensed to the Motor Vehicle Commission Commercial Drivers License Unit. Don’t choose them, even if they’re cheap.

3. Get the Best Quote

There’s no easy way to compare quotes for limo services. You’ll need to make a few phone calls and see what you can get for your budget.

Remember that you’re not comparing like-for-like though. You need to consider the services on offer, as well as the price.

We’re not just talking about the actual features of the vehicle. If one limousine company is willing to drive to the airport to pick you up, while another expects you to come into town first, weigh your options carefully.

When asking for a quote, give the company as many details as possible so that the quote is as accurate as it can be.

You’ll need to tell them how many people are coming, the size of vehicle you’ll need and the route. That may be more than traveling from point A to point B.

For example, you might want to ride around town for a bit on a night out and take in the full enjoyment your luxurious surroundings.

We’ve put together a quote checklist to help you get accurate quotes from every company you talk to. This should make it easier to compare like-for-like pricing.

4. What’s the Company’s Reputation Like?

Obviously, as with any service, reputation really matters.

You need to find a reputable and high-quality limousine service. One who can provide a range of vehicles to suit any needs, and who take pride in their fleet.

Check online reviews to see what people say about the service. Did they have a great time? Were the vehicles clean? Did they get the limousine that they were promised, or did the company let them down with a substitute at the last minute?

Word of mouth is really valuable too. Do you know a friend or colleague who has recently used a limo service? Pick their brains

Before hiring, it’s also worth checking out for yourself the quality of the vehicles. If you’re shown around a tidy and clean garage full of gleaming limos, you’re visiting a limousine service who take pride in what they do.

If the cars are dirty, the car park is a mess and the drivers are unshaven… well, maybe you should take a rain check on that.

A visual inspection can help you to make up your mind quickly and easily. And weed out the lower-quality firms.

5. Where Will They Take You?

Some limousine companies will only send their drivers out to a limited number of areas.

Others are happy to drive from one large city to another. But depending on how far you plan on traveling, some companies won’t be able or willing to help you. Some will only take you around town because they don’t want to be too far from headquarters.

Our fleet operates in four New Jersey counties. So you’re not stuck for choice on route or destination. All vehicles are regularly serviced, to ensure they operate at peak performance during each and every trip.

Our service is built around getting you wherever you want to go. We can even undertake weekend bus tours.

Our Reliable Limousine Service

Luxe Limo Service operates a fleet of luxury limousines in a number of different styles. We’ve got everything from high-end sedans to vans, and for larger groups, we operate coaches and shuttle buses.

Whichever you pick, rest assured we pay incredibly close attention to the cleanliness and quality of our vehicles.

Our customers will enjoy the benefits of elegant private transport, complete with professional and friendly drivers. Contact us today to book a limousine for your next big event.

Luxe Limo Service serves HolmdelRumson, Colt’s Neck, Marlboro, and all of Central NJ.