It’s no surprise that corporate executives prefer limousine services while traveling.

But are those services cost effective to the business or corporation? We could talk to you about the “softer” benefits of renting a limousine service, such as:

But we won’t.

How Car Rental Services Stack Up Against Renting A Limo

Instead, let’s talk dollars. Every smart business owner wants to maximize time and profit while minimizing wasteful company expenses.

With the average salary for a corporate executive around $150K per year or $88 per hour, time is literally money.

That’s why each employee’s time must be structured to bring as much profitability to the company as possible.

Car rental services require executives to spend valuable time:

And that’s costly! Studies show that corporate executives spend 22 minutes per trip getting lost.

Worse, depending on the distance to the airport, your employee can spend up to 90 minutes just getting there.

That doesn’t include finding parking and running to the airport to catch their flight.

Once you figure in the cost of a car rental, insurance, taxes, and fees, the total cost for that one trip balloons to a minimum of $250.

On the other hand, corporate limousine services reduce that cost and have built-in benefits that make your company money.

Hiring a consistently 5-star rated company for your limousine services makes sense. Considering that, on the low end, renting a car costs your company $250, our services are an investment.

Generally speaking, an airport limo service is somewhere around $199 per trip. That doesn’t include the connections your employee makes while we’re driving, the work he or she completes, or the meetings that are arranged while our chauffeur is driving.

How much is that worth?

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