Special occasions call for special treatment. When you’re in charge of planning the big party, it’s up to you to make it extra special.

Limos offer a level of luxury and sophistication everyone enjoys. They truly make any special occasion memorable.

But what if you have a larger crowd and want to turn things up a notch? What better way to get all your friends together for a special occasion than a bus?

Party buses have become very popular in recent years, and for good reason. With a larger space comes more amenities and more freedom to have a true party experience on wheels.

If you’re thinking of renting a party bus in Central New Jersey, let’s look at some benefits you’ll enjoy.

A Professional Driver

Let’s face it, nobody really wants to be the designated driver. Though you’re doing something great for the rest of the party, it means you don’t get to join in the fun.

When you rent a bus, everybody gets to cut loose. Not only is this good for the party, it cuts down on the possibility of drunk driving. And when everyone has the peace of mind that nobody will drive drunk, it allows everyone to relax.

Ask your driver if they offer door-to-door service. It may cost a little more, but then everyone gets a ride home at the end of the night. If not that, you can get dropped off at a central location where everyone has a safe ride home.

Another great advantage is having a driver that knows the city and knows how to properly operate the bus. This makes the ride so much more enjoyable.

Professional drivers have experience and know how to make the party run smoothly.

Party on the Way to the Party

Another reason to hire a party bus is that you get to party while in transit to the next event. A lot of people like to use the bus as an early warm-up for the rest of the night.

If you’re having a bachelor or bachelorette party, you’ll likely have dinner plans and then some extracurricular activities in mind for later. In this case, use the bus as your party transport vehicle. That way, the fun doesn’t have to stop on the way to the next destination.

This is a great way to keep the energy going all night. Stock your bus with drinks and even lite snacks for your guests. You even have room for dancing.

See the Town While You Party

There’s something magical about seeing the city lights and feeling the energy of the weekend, all while having fun with your friends. There’s a certain freedom to it.

When you decide on a party bus, you have the option of just cruising around the city while you party. If you want to play it by ear and stop at a club for a bit, you have that option. Or, just stay on the bus and party your way around the city.

When you hire a bus, make sure and let them know your plans. It always helps the night go smoothly if your driver knows what you want. Let them know you’d like to see the city and they will probably have some scenic spots to recommend.

Save Money

A bus saves you the cost of renting out a huge party venue. It also saves you the hassle.

When you rent a bus, you get the convenience of sitting back and letting the driver do the work. No worrying about little surprise expenses along the way.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean you’re not able to put a little personal touch into the party. You’ll have the option of decorating the bus yourself before the event. This will mean so much to the guest of honor.

You may also decide to have everyone who’s coming along on the ride to contribute to the cost. This means that everyone pays a little instead of you paying a lot.

A huge bonus is that at the end of the night, you won’t have to clean up. Everything will be taken care of.

The Amenities

If you think that by renting a bus, you’re missing out on the frills of a “normal” party. Think again. One of the best elements of a bus are the amenities.

A huge amount of money and time goes into decorating the interior of these vehicles. Plush bench seating, minibars, high-quality sound systems, lights, and more. Some even have stripper poles.

Essentially, these buses are turned into mobile clubs. You may start having so much fun you’ll forget you’re moving.

Obviously, there are different tiers of buses with different prices, so talk to a company before you hire them and find out what your options are.

Nobody Gets Left Out

As great as they are, the problem with limos is that they can only accommodate so many people. That means that somebody may get left out. Plus, you don’t want to pack the limo and then be uncomfortable.

This isn’t a problem with a party bus. They’re made to accommodate a whole party, hence the name.

When you’re making your invite list, you won’t have to have a “maybe” category. Everybody can join in.

Ultimate Convenience

When you hire a party bus, part of what you’re paying for is convenience. Think about it. No searching for a parking spot or waiting for valet parking.

You’ll get dropped directly in front of your destination and the driver will wait until you’re ready to go. What’s great about this is that there’s absolutely no interruption to the fun. You truly have nothing to worry about.

Rent a Party Bus in NJ for Your Next Event

After reading about the benefits of renting a bus for your party, you’re probably itching to get started. But first, you need to find a great company that can take care of your needs. An experienced company can provide service that’s perfectly suited for your event.

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