You’ve got your tux, your date, and your dinner plans. Now how are you going to get to the dance?

If you really want to arrive at prom in style, you need to roll up to the door in a limousine.

Prom is one of the most important rites of high school. For most people, it’s the last big event before everyone goes off to different colleges.

So it pays to go all out.

When you rent a limo for prom,  it’s a surefire way to make your prom experience one that you–and your date–will never forget.

Keep the Party Going

If you spend your prom night driving from one place to another, you’re not going to be able to fully enjoy yourself.

You’ll have fun with your date and your friends as you sing along loudly with the radio. But how much fun can you really have if you have to keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel?

Renting a limo for prom is a safe and fun way to keep the party going. Watch your favorite movies or play video games on the plasma screen TVs. Take all the selfies you can want.

These days, many limousines have onboard wi-fi, so you can Snapchat your friends, stream your favorite songs on Spotify, and even catch up on Netflix all night long without worrying about going over on your data.

And if you just can’t stop the beat, some of our limo party buses even have a dance floor inside. How can you beat that?

The More the Merrier

Prom is one of the last times you and all of your high school friends will all be together before heading off to college.

If you drive your own car, you’ll only be able to fit three or four of your friends with you — six if you borrow mom’s minivan.

No one wants to choose between all of their friends. That’s a surefire way to create disappointment and drama. But when you rent a limo or party bus, you don’t have to choose.

Not when your ride can fit up to fifty-six people.

Invite your entire pre-calc class. Or, you know. All of your best friends and their dates.

Get a Taste of Luxury

Everyone wants to be rich. It’s why you study hard. It’s why you’re going to college or looking for a good job.

But limos aren’t just for celebrities and rock stars.

Renting a limo for prom can give you a taste of the wealthy life without putting all the work in yourself.

Prom night is the most important night of your high school years. So you should treat yourself like royalty.

Limousines are synonymous with luxury. And on your prom night, you–and your date–deserve the most luxurious prom night possible.

Impress Your Date

Prom is the most special night of any high schooler’s life. No matter what your plans, your date is sure to have the night of her life.

But if you really want to make her night special, rent a limo. That will take it up a notch.

A limousine can make your date feel like the most important girl in the world.

Picture it: the limo pulls up to the entrance of your prom. Students and chaperones alike struggle to peer through the tinted glass. “Who is that?” they mutter to one another.

The chauffeur opens the door, unveiling you and your date to a bewildered crowd.

Cameras snap. Jaws drop open. Becky from Algebra is totally jealous.

It’s everything she’s ever dreamed of.

There’s nothing like stepping out of a limousine in a beautiful dress to make a girl feel like a celebrity. As she steps out of the car into the flash of cameras, she’ll forget for a moment that she’s not at the Oscars.

All that’s missing is the red carpet.

And you can be sure that she won’t forget who gave her that special feeling.

If you’d rather skip the party wagon and have a more intimate evening with your date, a limousine can provide a romantic atmosphere where you and your beloved can share a special moment alone.

Have Peace of Mind

Your prom night is special, but it should also be safe.

While your mind is pulled between how good your date looks, having fun, and making the memories of a lifetime, you might not be the most attentive driver.

But when you rent a limo for prom will be operated by a professional driver. They will be completely focused on navigating the busy streets, letting you enjoy your night fully.

And if your parents are worried about your safety on prom night–and which parent isn’t–your limo driver will ensure them that you will be well taken care of.

If your parents can’t stand the thought of you having a night with your friends without adult supervision, a chauffeur can also function as a chaperone. Even if they’re convinced that prom is nothing but an excuse for teens to engage in drunken debauchery, the presence of your limo driver can set their minds at ease.

Need a Limo for Prom Night?

There’s nothing like a limo to turn your party from just some school dance into a luxurious, non-stop party you’ll remember forever.

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Let our professional, courteous drivers cover driving duties while you get busy having the night of your life.

Don’t settle for a bland prom. Contact us to book your limousine today!