Looking for Some Rumson NJ restaurants to Enjoy? Here are Two of Our Favorites!

Connecting with others over food and drink is one of life’s pleasures! As one of New Jersey’s premier limo services, we take clients to fine dining establishments in Rumson quite often–for that very reason.

There’s no question that there are many Rumson NJ restaurants to enjoy! But based on our experience and the reviews from our clients, we have two that are particularly noteworthy.

Each has been in business for a long time and their passion for food and service is extraordinary.

Undici Ristorante

Undici’s is evidently one of the Best restaurants in NJ. Since inception, Undici’s has been redefining the very essence of a sumptuous treat with inordinate comfort.

Undici’s motto is “Keep it fresh. Keep it simple. Let it be fun.” Both Chef Alex and his wife, Dina Kallas, have striven to stay true to that maxim. With over 30 years of successful restaurant ownership, Undici is the eleventh dining establishment to bear the Kallas name.

(Interestingly enough, “undici” in Italian means “eleven”!)

Undici began 10 years, and Chef Alex continues to seek out only the freshest locally sourced vegetables and meats (long before it was fashionable.) He pairs those carefully chosen ingredients with his homemade sauces and pasta.

Keeping the menu simple, yet varied, there’s plenty to delight and surprise connoisseurs of fine dining.

From antipasti like pork meatballs with tomato ragu and creamy polenta, ravioli di pesce (shrimp/salmon/ricotta with lemon beurre blanc) to vitello alla marsala (veal/dry marsala/porcini mushrooms/shallots, roasted potatoes/vegetables), all food is made to order.

No matter what you choose, we promise it will be both filling and delicious. Undici’s also cheerfully meet the most challenging food requirements, too.

And, you’ll no doubt want to pair your entree with one of Undici’s signature drinks like Undici Lemon Drop, Rosie’s Belini, or Negroni. Fine bottled beer is also available.

Undici’s also has a great variety of imported and domestic wines to choose.

The service is warm and friendly, which is, of course, a critical component for all Rumson NJ restaurants. Undici’s is no exception. They are just as committed to customer service as to the cuisine-pleasing food they serve!

Salt Creek Grille Restaurant

From their salt and vinegar potato chips to their slow-braised beef short rib, Salt Creek Grille Restaurant is a “made from scratch” restaurant. That’s why we love it!

With a casual dining atmosphere and an appetite for American-themed grill cuisine, this upscale eatery will have you savoring every bite you take.

Begun in 1996, the backbone of Salt Creek’s culinary approach is the time-honored tradition of grilling. And they do it over hot mesquite embers.

Coupled with a dedication to responsible food sourcing, they choose only the freshest poultry, fish, meats, and produce. And it shows!

Any menu item they offer can also be paired with unique wines from both well-known cellars and boutique vineyards. Whether you’re a casual taster or a connoisseur, it makes a hearty meal that much more satisfying.

As with all Rumson NJ restaurants serious about fine dining, the food is half of the experience. The other half is the atmosphere and the service.

Good food always goes down better in a warm, relaxing atmosphere and attentive staff. And we’re glad to say that Salt Creek has both in spades!


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