When it comes to your big day, using a wedding limo service is guaranteed to make it unforgettable.

And we’re not talking unforgettable for the wrong reasons, like the unfortunate bride who arrived at her North Carolina wedding in a police car after her limo broke down!

While that would be a worst-case scenario, you should still put some thought into booking a professional car service to ensure a smooth ride and an amazing wedding day.

Here are six great tips to help you make the most of your wedding limo service.

1. Establish Your Timeline

To ensure the wedding limo service is there on time to take you to and from the various venues, you have to be clear about your timeline.

You don’t have to have every second of your wedding day accounted for, but you will need to map out how and where you’re spending your big day.

For example, where will you have your hair and makeup done? Do you plan to take photos of the bridal party somewhere else? Will you want bride and groom photos in another location before the reception?

And if you’re planning to do a ‘first look’, then you need to work out the logistics of where and when you’re going to meet before the actual ceremony.

As soon as you have clearly specified times and locations, you can start looking for a professional car service that suits you.

2. Book Well In Advance

With the date, timeline, and passenger numbers firmly decided, you can hire your wedding limo service. Try and book six months in advance to lock in your vehicle choice as well as any extras.

Keep in mind that certain times of the year are busier for limo services than others, such as New Year’s Eve.

And if you’re getting married in April, May, or June, consider booking your limo at least nine months ahead of time. Formal vehicles are in high demand during these months for prom night and graduation celebrations.

3. Allow For Delays

professional and reliable wedding limo service will do their utmost to make your day go smoothly.

But unexpected delays can happen. With Luxe Limo Service, we expect the unexpected. It’s our job! That’s why we do a check of the area before your event for possible traffic delays due to street work or accidents.

If there are any festivals or sporting events planned the day of your nuptials, we’ll have an alternate route already planned and scheduled.

With us, you do not have to worry about getting to the church on time. You will!

4. Check Out Your Ride in Person

Ever booked a rental car online and been disappointed when you saw it? That’s the last thing you want on your wedding day. And it won’t happen with Luxe Limo Service. All of our vehicles are late model and in pristine condition.

Researching your wedding limo service beforehand will save you time, but be sure to make your final reservation in person. We love showing you our fleet!

By viewing the vehicle in person, you can see exactly the ride that you’ve reserved, as well as the comfort, style, and sleekness of this car.

When you’re inspecting the limo, check that it’s spacious enough for your bridal party. And don’t forget to ensure that there’s room for your photographer to join in the ride. You wouldn’t want to miss out on getting some great shots on the way to the wedding.

You should also make sure that it has everything you need for a smooth ride. For example, if you’re getting married in summer you’ll want the air conditioning to work. With Luxe Limo Service, you’ll never have a minute’s worry. Just show up and enjoy getting hitched!

5. Ask About Details and Decorations

A limo is the height of luxury wedding transportation. Special requests shouldn’t be a problem for your professional car service, but you should check with them first.

Ask in advance about any specific details such as the type of champagne you’d like to sip, or the type of music player you need to play your pre-wedding playlist

The kinds of decorations you’d like for the limo is another important consideration. If you’re dreaming of leaving the wedding venue in a limo with the classic ‘just married’ sign, make sure the company can accommodate your wishes.

6. Read the Contract Carefully

And, last but not least, make sure to read the contract carefully before you book your wedding limo service.

Mistakes or omissions in the contract can lead to late arrivals or no-shows and could result in you arriving late to the ceremony.

Check details such as liability and exclusions to make sure you’re not in for a nasty surprise. For example, you’ll want to know if you would be held responsible for spilled champagne or a traffic accident on the way to the venue.

Before you sign, double check the dates, hours, and locations to be sure that they coincide with your timeline plans. The contract should include the driver’s name, contact numbers, and uniform details, as well as the make, model, and registration of the limo you should be expecting.

The contract should also include details of the refund and cancellation policies. And remember to check whether or not the final price includes sales tax and the customary 15 to 20 percent tip so that you can budget accordingly.

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