Who says you can’t always get what you want? With Luxe Limo Service, it’s our business to know what corporate executives want in a luxury black car service.

Serving Marlboro, Rumson, Holmdel, Colt’s Neck and all of Central New Jersey

1. Cleanliness—The corporate executive requires a pristine, late-model vehicle with a friendly, professional chauffeur. An understated black car service such as a sedan or Town Car is both elegant and authoritative without being flashy. At Luxe Limo Service, our vehicles are always showroom quality and our service second-to-none.

2. Customer Service—Getting from point A to point B on time is important, and at Luxe Limo Service, it’s our priority. But what’s just as important? The customer experience.

With our executive car service in Central NJ,  you never feel rushed or hurried during your ride with us. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

3. Enhanced Executive Productivity—The ability to work during your ride is one of the key reasons you hire an executive car service. Luxe Limo Service offers roomy and comfortable vehicles equipped with mobile office technology such as wi-fi, radio, and electrical outlets for laptop plugin. Corporate executives can work without distraction.

4. Focus on Details—It’s the little things that drive you crazy, right? The same is true with ground transportation. If your car service mixes up the time for arrival, your day is off to a lousy start. That’s why we always email a re-confirmation 24 hours prior to your scheduled service. Mix-ups are costly for all of us!

5. Late Model Vehicles—For corporate executive transportation, comfort, convenience, and image are important. That’s why you want a limo car service that commits to new or late model vehicles. These vehicles should be spotless and meticulously maintained. At Luxe Limo Service, you get exactly that. We have the highest commitment to carefully manage your trip information, you the corporate executive, and your vehicle of choice with professionalism and courtesy.

6. Communication— As a dedicated corporate executive car service provider, Luxe Limo Service works diligently to customize your corporate travel needs as much as possible for a mutually happy and productive relationship. We know that schedules sometimes change, which is why we remain as flexible as possible to accommodate your needs.

7. Invest in the Company and the People—A truly successful business invests and re-invests in the company and its employees. Luxe Limo Service re-invests in its vehicles every few years to maintain superior automotive quality. We also invest in our people. Well-trained employees are happier and more productive. Ultimately, capable, invested and happy employees ensure our continued success.

We’re on time or the ride is free! Call us today to schedule. 732-858-5893 Or contact us here.