When it comes to traveling long distance in style and comfort, there are many options available now for modern travelers. However, many individuals are content with traveling via road instead of air, not only because it saves a lot of money but also because some prefer this method as safer and more inclusive of specific needs. This is what in large part explains why van service is popular throughout the country, and numerous groups use van service for corporate functions, religious events, school trips, sporting events, and a plurality of other things.

And when it comes to taking a van service from Washington DC to New York or vice versa, there’s no better company than Luxe Limo Service. Our high-quality interstate van transportation is preferred by large groups, for it’s much more cost-effective than other popular forms of travel. You’ll never have to compromise on comfort and amenity inclusion. Are you looking for a van service from New York to Virginia or anywhere else within the 400 U.S. cities Luxe Limo serves? We can make sure you get from point A to B without ever having to experience a hassle. Enjoy your trip as you cruise down America’s highways and byways with the award-winning services of Luxe Limo Service.


1 Preferred by Those Who Value Consistency and Reliability

Those who live their lives according to set schedules and unchanging routines prefer van service because this method of transportation accommodates the level of consistency that’s highly valued by routine-loving individuals.

Often is the case that individuals who experience mobility issues need to plan out their days well in advance to ensure that all tasks are accomplished and that they are able to visit all the locations they need to. Whereas a fully able person who is licensed and insured to drive a vehicle can get up and go whenever they feel like, somebody who is limited in their transportation options has to rely on a fixed schedule that will not fail.

A van service like the one that is provided by Luxe Limo Service is preferred specifically by these organized and routine-preferring individuals because of its consistency and constant dedication to client satisfaction. While some riders would rather have the flexibility of choosing their own destination as they go, those who just want to get from point A to B without any hassle or headaches, and without spending an arm and a leg, choose to ride with Luxe Limo’s van service because it’s reliable, affordable, and better than most methods of transportation currently being offered in New York, New Jersey, and in the Tri-state area.


2 A Van Service Is More Convenient and Reliable Than Most Transportation

New Yorkers are known for relying on their public transportation, and this is in large part because public transportation in the city is so reliable. Their neighbors to the south, in the great state of New Jersey, are as well reliant in many cases on public transportation, and likewise their system is modern and very reliable. But just because public transportation is ideal in the big cities does not mean that it is the only option available to individuals who lack adequate transportation on a daily basis.

In fact, while public transportation is ideal because it runs on a set schedule and can be expected to show up at specific times, there are other aspects of public transportation that are less than noteworthy. For example, public busses are not cleaned regularly like the vans provided by a first-rate  van service, and this is one factor which contributes to the negative view that some individuals have of public transportation. Private shuttle services like Luxe Limo Service beat public transportation every time, no matter what city you are in, and this is largely because vanservices are customer-centric, affordable, and committed to delivering high-quality service consistently. If you are somebody who lacks the mobility needed to get from place to place, then it’s best to go with private transportation as opposed to public transportation, if you have the option.


Why Luxe Limousine Service Provides the Best Van Service

Are you a New York or New Jersey resident who is concerned that your lack of mobility is inhibiting you from living the life you wish to lead? Give up the inhibitions and call Luxe Limo Service today. Discuss your requirements with us and we will ensure that your transportation issues are never a problem again. A reliable van service will come to your home, pick you up, and deliver you to where you need to be, and we’ll bring you back all without any hassle. Check us out now!