Prom night! It’s the biggest night of the year for your teen. And, when you include a prom limo service, the night truly becomes magical!

But even magic takes a little preparation, so we’re sprinkling a few magical tips your way to make prom night the special night it should be.

When only the best will do for your teen, book your prom limo service with Luxe Limo Service!

1. Always Book Your Prom Limo EARLY!

Prom season is also homecoming season. So with two big high school events occurring at the same time, it can get really crazy! That’s why you should always reserve your limo or party bus at least 2 months in advance.

When you do, you are ensuring that you get just the vehicle you want!

2. For A Prom Party Bus Rental–Talk To Your Friends!

Going to a prom with your friends? Make sure you know exactly how many of your friends will be in your party. Is a luxury SUV what you need? Or, a Sprinter van?

In order to get the right vehicle, we must have an accurate accounting of the number people attending. If the number changes, let us know right away!

3. Will There Be A Post Prom Party?

When you rent a limo or party bus from us, remember, you’re renting the vehicle and the time.

If there is a post prom party, include that time as part of your package. We’ll happily take you there.

The same is true for pictures. You definitely want pictures with your friends on prom night! Again, planning ahead is the key to creating all the magic you want.

Have your friends meet up before prom at an agreed upon spot. This eliminates wasted time. Give the limo service directions to your location.

Then ask to have your chauffeur and limo to pose with you in one of the shots. It’s official. Magic night has been preserved for all time!

4. What’s the Prom Limo Rental Fee?

“Is the price the price?”

Not all limo service rates are inclusive. That’s why it’s important to ask. Does it include the driver’s gratuity? Do you have to pay for highway tolls? Any reputable limousine company will be transparent with their fees.

We certainly are! We want you to understand upfront exactly what our services include. That makes for the beginning of a beautiful relationship!

5. Know the Deposit Amount Upfront

If the deposit is more than 50% or the company requires full payment in advance, walk away!

Reputable companies such as ours will ask for a deposit of between 20%-50%.

6. Licensed and Insured?

The state of New Jersey requires all limo companies to be licensed and insured. Chauffeurs must also have a license. These licenses are expensive so some companies evade the cost of it.

We don’t. It’s another sign of professional trust and a show of good faith to have both kinds of licenses in place. Ask us for our license numbers. We’re happy to provide them!

7. The Limo Fleet

What if you want to come by and see the limo fleet?

Any reputable limousine company would love for you to see their fleet. We particularly like it because we get to talk with you and understand exactly what you’re looking for.

Then we can make suggestions that put you firmly in the driver’s seat (pun intended) for making the right rental decision. And, did we mention, that it’s a ton of fun to show you all of our beautiful vehicles?