Serving Ocean, Mercer, Middlesex, and Monmouth Counties in New Jersey

As a leading ground transportation provider in Monroe, NJ, Luxe Limo Service offers a wide range of luxury limo services. From one-way to door-to-door transportation, Monroe residents receive the highest level of service possible.

That’s because Luxe Limo Service is a 5-star limousine service. We not only provide local limo services, we serve over 450 cities worldwide. If you need transportation around town or around the world, we can get you to your destination with ease!


The Limousine Services We Offer In Monroe, New Jersey

Because of our large fleet, Luxe Limo Service can offer a wide variety transportation options.

And so much more!

From one person to 500+, Luxe Limo Service has handled the transportation services for Monroe and the surrounding areas for over 20 years.

With an advanced scheduling system, we can coordinate your limo ride or event easily. Our professional and experienced staff will ask questions and offer suggestions based on years of experience. It’s all to ensure that your trip or event goes flawlessly.

For conventions and festivals, our staff will plan the route and then test drive it. We also plan an alternate route, just in case traffic warrants it. During the event itself, our staff stays in contact with each other—and with you—to ensure a smooth event.


The Benefits of Hiring A Leading Ground Transportation Provider

When you want a professional handling your airport car services, your shuttle bus rental, your charter bus service, or any other event that’s important to you, call Luxe Limo Service.

We have a fleet that can handle almost any size event. And that’s just one of the benefits of hiring our company, a premier limousine service. All of our vehicles are late model and in top running condition. We see to that!

Every vehicle is gone over mechanically with a fine-tooth comb on a regular basis. It’s how we can ensure you have a worry-free ride.

What’s more, from limos to charter buses, all vehicles are showroom quality. You won’t find a speck of dust anywhere!

That’s because we have a passion for luxury vehicles and customer service. For Luxe Limo Service, the two go hand-in-hand.

You can expect excellence from Luxe Limo Service, and you will get it. All of our chauffeurs have been professionally trained and place your safety above all else. Accommodating, polite, and knowledgeable, they value your time and your privacy.

Would you expect anything less from your foremost Monroe NJ limo service?


Luxury Limo Services for Monroe New Jersey

When you trust Luxe Limo Service with your next big trip or event, you’re in good hands! We never cut corners. And that’s the difference.

If you’ve ever rented limo services in the past, you know that not all limo companies have the same philosophy on vehicle maintenance and customer service.

With Luxe Limo Service, your vehicle will always be in pristine condition, inside and out. Your chauffeur will always be exceedingly polite and knowledgeable.

And you’ll never have to worry if your limousine service will arrive on time. With Luxe Limo Service, we’re on time or the ride is free!

When you’re ready for A-list service, please give us a call. 732-858-5893

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